SimplyScan: PDF Camera Scanner

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Get ready for the newest, lightest PDF mobile document scanning app for Android. Designed with simplicity in mind, SimplyScan scans your documents and organizes them in the easiest way possible.★SimplyScan Pro has peaked at:★• All apps → #16 in Top New Paid Apps• Productivity category → #1 in Top New Paid Apps• Productivity category → #9 in Top New Free Apps (Free version)Features:• Camera scanner Scan your document using your camera or an existing image on your device• Perspective cropping Drag to define the corners of the document, and allow the app to take care of the rest• Image effects Use presets, or simply adjust the effects as you need them to ensure the document looks just like it was scanned with a physical scanner• Upload to the cloud! When exporting, simply choose the Dropbox app, Drive app, or another cloud app to add it to your cloud• Export to multiple file formats Choose to export as a PDF document, photo, or ZIP file of photo for multi-page documents• Document preview View the document and zoom in on pages right from the app• Multiple PDF settings Choose the PDF page shape, margins, orientation, and quality of your PDF documentPro Version Features:• Multi-page documents Add multiple pages to your document, export as a multi-paged PDF document or ZIP file of photos, and view the multiple pages in the built-in document preview • No watermark No watermark is added to the PDF document• Folders Organize similar documents into folders to have an in-app file system of your documents• Change PDF quality/size Choose to lower or raise the PDF quality when exporting, changing the file size

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