Beautiful Desert Night

زمان دریافت خبر :
Immerse yourself in the hot air travels in the spirit of western giants in the beautiful desert in Monument Valley.User applications waiting for a cowboy tale and journey of a thousand miles on the right horsea couple with a Colt in a holster over land near the Navajo lonely cliffs,which saw more than one hundred pilgrims over the years.Proudly rising over the horizon, they become constant companions of the owners surround applications.Install these amazing 3D live wallpaper and look for a star promptsbecause unrivaled celestial map not only fascinating,but also help to find the right way in this exciting and slightly dangerous road.It's time this hot summer to take the path of the warrior, the way of a lone ridersetting on your Android device is a piece of ancient history of the local Indians and legendary cowboys!Features:- 3D parallax;- Animated sky;- Lovely song by double-clicking;- Moving at inclinations 3D background;- Passing clouds;- Full HD texture;- User-friendly menu;- 3D camera;- Saves battery;

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